Am I the crazy cat lady or just after a longer lifespan?

Crazy (cat lady) as it may be, figures consistently show those that own pets tend to live longer.

Pet owners are shown to have lower blood pressure, lower stress levels and stay more active than their non- pet owner counterparts.

Stroking a cat on a regular basis was shown by the American stroke association in 2008 to potentially reduce the risk of a heart attack by one third. Incredibly random but incredibly true. The study used 4435 people. Other studies have followed and confirmed these findings.

Here is my friend Zainab stroking her cat. Not only is this helping Zainab’s lifespan, it’s resulting in one happy cat too. Win win.

(Remember cats can carry toxoplasmosis which is especially dangerous for pregnant women. Women expecting children are advised not to empty litter trays as it lives within their faeces. If your cat lives outside, get regular vet check ups.

Don’t let this put you off having a cat though-humans can carry toxoplasmosis too! )

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