A friend turned to me and said “If you are not drinking Jenna, I am unsure if they will keep you a place at dinner. It’s limited numbers.’

Since holding back from alcohol, I am increasingly shocked at people’s perceptions of those that choose not to drink.

Asked consistently if you are pregnant (which, for some reason is just hurtful even when losing weight, embarrassing and annoying) along with being called boring and dull.

Yet my perception has been quite different. I am missing it less and less.

I still doubt I will ever be tea total as I just love the taste of a JD and diet coke after a long week or a glass of wine watching the sunset. However I LOVE the increased energy with no drinking, having fuller days, no waking up to a series of regrets, enjoying people’s conversations at dinner without getting ‘floaty’ and getting up early at the weekend to go and exercise.

I just feel better. I do hope those on Dryuary note this! Hopefully we can amend our culture to be a little less focused around alcohol. We can still enjoy it, but as they say – everything in moderation.

This random chap sums it up splendidly…


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