A spoon full of sugar…gives you diabetes

Sorry Mary, a spoon full of sugar…gives you diabetes.

Lecturing today on diabetes. Although many appreciate that diabetes is linked to immobility and is generally ‘not good for you.’ What they do not know is why or how.

Let’s take a brief look…
You need sugar inside your cells for energy. Not in the blood stream where it serves no purpose (other than to get to another cell.)

It is insulin (a hormone) that drives sugar in to the cells. Without insulin, or enough of it, the sugar does not enter the cells. So instead wanders around the blood stream.

Type 1 diabetics: don’t make enough insulin. So we have to give them insulin to inject.
Type 2 diabetics: make the insulin but the cells have started to ignore it. They’ve seen so much of it with high sugar levels, that it’s no longer considered something to use. So again the sugar can’t be taken up by the cell as the insulin becomes ineffective (we use ‘insulin resistance.’)

High sugar levels in the blood stream also causes problems. High blood sugars makes us feel irritable, ratty but also damages our blood pressure, cholesterol, nerves, eyes and hearts. It can lead to heart attacks, blindness and loss of limbs.

And with the inability to control sugars, we also can not control when our sugars get too low in diabetes. This can be incredibly dangerous with people getting light headed, fainting or even passing out completely. This can be critical if sugar is not passed to them immediately.

So that’s ‘diabetes’ at a glance. Keep active, eat good wholesome vegetables and try and avoid fried/fatty foods and cakes as much as you sensibly can. Remember to get checked every year to asses your risk for diabetes.

Prevention is better than cure.

Diabetes Presentation

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