A Move Towards Prevention…

We are so proactive in our modern day lives. We all have an umbrella in case it rains, we try to remember to pay our credit card bills before we incur fines (try being the important word here) and we insert funds in to our pension to prepare for our futures.

Yet, our healthcare is still very ‘reactive’ in its approach:

We go to the doctor after we begin to suffer with angina.
We go to the doctor after we develop symptoms of prostate disease.
We go to the doctor after we become anaemic.

Some statistics from the CDC declare the importance of preventative medicine for more chronic disease.

For every dollar invested in school tobacco prevention programmes, almost $20 in future medical care costs would be saved.

For women aged 40 years or older, mammograms every 12–33 months significantly reduce mortality from breast cancer

Detecting colon cancer early can ensure a 5 year survival rate of 90%..

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So why do we not test everyone for every disease every year?

Because the expense has got to be considered. We also need to realise that some testing carries psychological and physical risk and should be balanced with the individual’s risk for a particular condition.

My advise – go to your trustworthy GP. Identify YOUR risks and establish a screening programme that suits you. Then stick to it.

Many people, the ones that are not so keen on seeing their doctor, may be reluctant to do this. But it may result in keeping the doctor away in the long term.

Prevention today, keeps the doctor away.

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